Member Projects

During Fall 2020 we ran DevPSU Startup as a competition, here are our winners!

Winner: Nimbl

Josephine, Phakphum and Shubhang

Nimbl is a revolutionary asynchronous video messaging app that also integrates with the leading messaging platforms, like Slack, Discord, and Teams. Nimbl allows for seamless creation, visualization, and documentation of meetings. Users can create the meeting and upload the initial video and share the link with co-workers. Users who join the meeting will have a choice to choose which video to reply to. Then, we display it as a graph video so it is easy for users to see which video replies to which video.

Click here to see their website

Runner-up: PSU Group Finder

Kartikey and Brock

Our goal was to develop an app where Penn State students can find groups to participate in. When we joined DevPSU, we weren’t able to find people to work on a project. To solve this dilemma, we decided to use this app to provide a platform for students to quickly find groups.  Our app allows you to register and search for any group you want, whether it’s a sports club or a computer science project. Not only that, users can set up their own groups and advertise on the website.

Click here to see their GitHub