Member Projects

A highlight showcase of projects created by our ACM members

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Shopify Store Analytics

Gabriel Stewart, Stanley Kwok, Louden Maclay, Robert Hsu

Tasked by Wavebreak and developed through DevPSU Startup, this project helps e-commerce stores using Shopify to draw meaningful insights about their customers. After setting up your store with our embedded web application, it accomplishes this by completing simple data analytics on order information. It is capable of determining the most popular products for each purchase, calculating customer churn, and finding average time between purchases.

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Penn State Club Matching Utility

Samuel Johnson, Alan Kwong, Michael Cao, Murtatha Alkhalaf

Our solution to address the issue of connecting students to different organizations more effectively is to create an AI-oriented application that matches students to clubs based on likely interest. Our team created a website application where users would answer questions in a survey to offer a list of recommended clubs that a student may want to join. User satisfaction feedback would improve our models and make more a more efficient program and better suit the interests of students and clubs.

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Max Humes, Nick Fink, Josiel Delgadillo, Nishchay Pagarani, Daniel Vaindiner

Cantaloupe is an app created by 6 driven Penn State students to make checking attendance fast and easy. The Cantaloupe team created an Android app, iOS app, and a website so teachers could open a connection and students sitting in the classroom could sign in to class. Though the team ended up with only a functional prototype, they all learned a lot and had fun and stuff.

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New Student AI Guide

Tyler Allgor, Chinmay Pendse, Ben Rudnik, Hyewon Yoo, and Yifeng Leng

New Student AI Guide is a chatbot that new students would use instead of making an appointment with an advisor. Students could use the chatbot to ask about things like major prerequisites, double majors, or class prerequisites. The intent was to implement AI to create a more streamlined experience for new students.

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