Our Mission

Our mission at AlgoPSU is to sharpen problem-solving skills and prime students for tech industry success. AlgoPSU stands on three pillars: CodePSU, a competitive programming event that challenges students across various skill levels; the ICPC, where students compete internationally to test and improve their coding prowess; and Technical Interview Prep, a program focused on equipping students with the skills needed to tackle technical interviews confidently. Each initiative is designed to build on the core mission, offering a holistic approach to learning and competition in the tech field.

Technical Interview Prep

Penn State Technical Interview Prep is a new initiative from the ACM designed to prepare students for competitive programming competitions like ICPC and CodePSU, while also helping them develop their algorithmic problem-solving skills for technical job interviews. There is a meeting every week during the academic year. Each week, we provide questions from actual interviews to help students prepare for technical interviews.

When: Every Monday, Starting January 22nd, 2024 from 6PM – 7PM at Willard 173


The International Collegiate Programming Contest is held every spring semester in Youngstown, Ohio. Students that have attended and shown the most progress in our Tuesday practices will be selected to be a part of our traveling team to compete in the contest. Other schools that attend this competition include (but are not limited to) Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, and Oberlin College. 

Here are some of our best team rankings from the past years in the Youngstown, Ohio site:
Fall 2019 – 4th & 5th place
Fall 2018 – 2nd place
Fall 2017 – 7th place
Fall 2016 – 5th place

If you are interested, the ICPC Official Website contains specific information about the event.

Join Us

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