DevPSU Learning

DevPSU Learning is an 10 week learning program intended to teach core competencies of collaborative software development in a peer-driven environment. Students get the opportunity to gain valuable experience and interactions outside of the classroom, in preparation for a career in industry or research.

You can jump into the program at any point in the semester. Basic prior programming experience is expected. Just show up!

Here are the details of our first meeting in the Fall 2019 Semester:
Where: 105 Forum Bldg
When: Starting from September 4, 2019 at 7pm ET every Wednesday until November 13, 2019

After completion of DevPSU Learning, students continue on to DevPSU Startup where they create and implement software programs and systems in small, collaborative teams.

DevPSU Startup

DevPSU Startup is a 12-week program at Penn State University where students work on a computer science problem for their peers or a company, in exchange for experience or compensation. The program culminates with a DevPSU Summit, where students showcase their work to university officials.

When: Starting from September 1, 2019

Software Engineer:
Bring project ideas to life with your coding prowess. You’ll work on technical aspects of the project – code, testing, packaging, and more!

UI/UX Designer:
Unleash your creative imagination and logical planning skills to craft intuitive user experiences never seen before!

Product Owner:
Be the conductor of the show and make sure everything goes perfectly as planned. If you also have your own idea, this is the chance to lead a team that will help you translate your dreams into reality!

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DevPSU Summit

DevPSU Summit is a bi-annual celebration of technology and student achievement, sponsored by Penn State’s Teaching & Learning with Technology. Planning for DevPSU Summit Fall 2019 is underway.

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