Our Mission

Our mission is to teach the core competencies of software development and introduce current relevant technological topics for valuable learning experiences and interactions outside of the classroom in preparation for a career in the industry or research.



DevPSU Learning

DevPSU Learning is a semester long learning program intended to teach core competencies of collaborative software development in a peer-driven environment. Students get the opportunity to gain valuable experience and interactions outside of the classroom.

Join DevPSU Learning to learn about building a professional website. We host weekly meetings to teach HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and website hosting. Our goal is for you to get a better understanding about building your own personal website. There will be guided projects we will walk you through and a final website that you can build along the way. This final website can bolster your resume and be a great talking point in future interviews. The workshops are recommended for Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Data Science students but everyone who is interested is welcome to attend! On top of our regular curriculum, we will be inviting guest speakers where you can get an opportunity to make new connections in the field.

6 -7 PM ET every Tuesday
Westgate Bldg E203 (Westgate 203)

DevPSU Startup

DevPSU Startup is a 10-week program focused on collaborative software development. Participants will work in teams of 3-4 to provide software solutions to problems provided by our partner organizations. Each team is matched with a non-profit and provided with a problem statement, then the teams are responsible for designing and implementing software to address the issue.

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