Build your programming skills with workshops and presentations on a variety of computer science topics.


Practice your problem solving skills and prepare for technical interviews with lessons and work sessions on algorithmic concepts.

ACM Activities

Chill out after class with Study Breaks and LAN Parties or compete with fellow ACM members at Broom Ball or Puzzle Day

Join Us

We are a computer science and engineering club, but we have everyone from IST, to EE, and math majors. Everyone is welcome no matter their level of experience with computers or technology. We host all sorts of activities from social events to traveling to programming competitions.

To the right, you can sign up for our mailing list, which will included weekly meeting reminders as well as notifications for other events. Please note that there may be some delay in adding you to the list.

Generally, we have AlgoPSU meetings every Wednesday and DevPSU meetings every Tuesday. Check out the calendar for more information.


Ji Woong Park

Brian Liao
Vice President

Sanika Kinare

Emily Hamrick

Dhita Srikanth

Shiv Patel
Corporate Relations

Varun Parekh
Corporate Relations

Jack Trueax
DevPSU Learning Director

Avanish Grampurohit
DevPSU Learning Captain

Peter Doichinov
DevPSU Learning Captain

Nicholas Braun
DevPSU Learning Captain

Rukshang Verma
AlgoPSU Director

Anubhav Sen
AlgoPSU Captain

Kanishk Sachdev
AlgoPSU Captain

Abel Ismael
DevPSU Startup Director

Abhimanyu Khandelwal
DevPSU Startup Captain

Dibya Mishra
DevPSU Startup Captain