Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2012


The Association for Computing Machinery is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, and we're proud to have a student chapter at Penn State. There is no membership fee to participate in our club, but we do encourage that you consider a student membership with the ACM. It only costs $19/year and offers many benefits such as your own "" email address and access to online publications and software. Contact an officer if you have any questions.

NSA Project

The NSA has developed a problem, “Finding Algorithmic Bits in a Binary Haystack”, which is suitable for a one semester independent study course or group project for juniors and seniors (or outstanding sophomores) in computer science and related engineering disciplines. This is a great chance to learn more about algorithms, reverse engineering, and researching. It would certainly look great on a resume too! You can learn more about this project by reading the class project or senior project description. If you're interested in participating, let Gage ( know.

Windward Competition

Windward Software Solutions is hosting a "Code War", an inter-collegiate AI competition. It sounds similar to the University Hacker Olympics where we'd spend several hours on Saturday, January 26th working on a problem in teams of 1-4 people. More details can be found at If you're interested (we would need at least 4 people), let Gage ( know so we can register our school.

Software Engineering Lifestyle

Chris Seltzer presented information about the lifestyle of a modern software engineer. Modern technical recruiters are starting to look at more than just your resume when they consider candidates. This slideshow includes tips about how to take advantage of online resources to improve your knowledge and develop your online identity. With the Engineering Career Fair quickly approaching (see below), now is the time to polish your skills and ensure you have a great online profile to share. You can review Chris's PowerPoint, which contains speaker notes to complement the slides.

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