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We're students just like you!

The Penn State ACM is a student run organization all about programming, software, hardware, and just about anything related to computer science and engineering. Throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, we host a variety of events including programming/gaming competitions, workshops, technical talks, programming help, CSE class scheduling advice, career/interview help, and social events with other clubs. Some of our big events we try to do at least once a semester are CodePSU, an ICPC-style programming competition, ACM vs. IEEE broomball, a game something like hockey at the campus ice rink, class scheduling advice for the upcoming semester, and workshops on various technical topics led by our officers and members. We encourage any CSE students, or anyone just interested in computers, to attend a meeting/event and get involved as much as you'd like. When it comes down to it, we all just like to hang out with like minded people, even if that means doing nothing more than eating food and talking about the events of the week.

Ready to get involved?

Awesome! The best way to keep up with us is to sign up for our listserv on the join page. We also have a Google Calendar on the events page that lists all of our upcoming events. You can also follow us on Twitter. Unlike some clubs on campus, there's no need to worry about club dues or costs for our meetings and events; everything we do is supported by corporate sponsorship. Anyone is free to show up to any event at any point in the semester.

Current Officers

Arun Kumar



Natasha Bhave

Vice President


John Barczynski



Trishita Bhattacharya



Will Yoshida

Corporate Relations


Mayank Makwana